Installing a Temperature Controller on the Air Conditioning Freon Compressor

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  1. Remove Glove Compartment:  Take out two screws at bottom of glove compartment door at hinge.  Open the latch, squeeze the sides of the compartment toward each other and pull out the compartment.
  2. Remove the glove compartment backing by removing a few screws that hold it in place.
  3. Find the small black cable that is a pair of wires stuck to one another like a lamp cord that comes out of the Air Conditioning Evaporator (black box behind glove compartment) and goes to a plug at the bottom of the evaporator..  The size of the wires is about 24 gauge.  The size of the pair is about an eighth inch diameter.
  4. Separate the two wires.
  5. Cut one of them.
  6. Strip each end where cut.
  7. Attach a pair of wires to a 10,000 Ohm Potentiometer (10K Pot) at the center terminal and one of the two end terminals.  (either one)
  8. Splice and solder the two ends of the new wires to each of the two stripped ends of the cut wires.
  9. Locate and install the potentiometer in a convenient place.
Now when the air conditioning is on (or defrost) and things become too cold, turn the Pot. until the compressor shuts off.  It will come back on after freon temperature rises again.