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Does your rear-view mirror change adjustment position every time you try to shift it from the day setting to the night setting or vice versa?  Is the swivel ball joint, where the back of the mirror attaches to the extension post coming down from the roof, too loose?  Do you want to make that swivel ball joint firmer?

Update:  After a few months of the following fix, the problem began to return.  I suspect the material I used (paper) wore out.

Here is how I fixed mine:        

  1. With a flat screwdriver or a dull (butter) knife, pry off the plastic piece that covers the attachment  of the extension arm at the roof.
  2. Remove the three phillips head screws that secure the mirror extension to the roof and lower mirror and extention assembly.
  3. Remove the screw holding the ball joint together where mirror connects to extention with #20 Torx style screwdriver.
  4. Pull mirror ball out of plastic socket.
  5. Take a piece of brown paper bag measuring about 4 inches square and fold it in half, then in half again to make a 1 inch square that is four layers thick.
  6. Lay the mirror on a table mirror glass side down.
  7. Lay the paper bag square on top of the ball.
  8. Push the plastic socket over the ball, forcing the paper to take shape around the ball and to go inside of the plastic socket.
  9. Trim any paper still protruding from the ball and socket with a sharp tool.
  10. Reassemble everything.