Lock Cylinder Replacement

Subaru Legacy

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I replaced the lock in mine.  You have to take out the lock from the inside of the door and it is possible without window removal.  However, have some extra nuts on hand when replacing it because you may drop a few down the door while re installing it.

If I remember right, you have about two or three nuts that take a 10 mm wrench and also I think there is a flat, semi curved piece of black spring steel to remove.  The handle comes out on the outside of the door.  You then buy a new lock cylinder (with a new and different key) and change it out of the handle.  If you want your keys to match, you have to put new cylinders in both doors and the trunk and order them together to get all the same keying.  Or, take the new cylinder to a locksmith with your old keys before you install it and have him re-key it for you.

Good luck!