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Pictures from the AWD & 5MT Swap


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The following is a picture timeline from my swap project.

10/05/2003 - Pictures of my car before swap, freshly waxed
05/15/2004 - Donor Legacy wagon
08/07/2004 - Disassembly of the donor Legacy
08/11/2004 - More donor Legacy disassembly pictures
08/12/2004 - Wagon fuel separator and rear toe adjustment bolt
08/15/2004 - Clean up of disassembled parts and garage
08/17/2004 - Performance parts and rear hub work
08/23/2004 - AWD fuel tank installed, FWD rear crossmember, and AWD hubs
08/24/2004 - Rear brake backing plates, rear suspension, and drivetrain installed
08/25/2004 - Automatic transmission removed
08/26/2004 - Manual transmission pedal system, and single diaphragm booster install
08/27/2004 - Oil seal, Sti short shifter, light weight flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate
08/28/2004 - Rear brakes installed and new shifter linkage bolt
08/29/2004 - AGX's, shifter linkage bolt, clutch slave cylinder, and starter plungers and solenoids
08/31/2004 - Manual transmission installed
09/02/2004 - Transmission rear extension, rear differential, and clutch banjo bolts
09/03/2004 - Driveline, AGX's, and custom wiring harness
09/04/2004 - Interior, exhaust, and swap completion pictures
09/05/2004 - Cruise computers and car shots
09/09/2004 - 1990 Legacy ECU
09/11/2004 - Garage all cleaned up
09/18/2004 - The Legacy, freshly Zymol'd



This write-up is written solely as an informational aid to assist those interested in the conversion process.  All information, part numbers, prices, etc. should be used as reference material only, and should be verifed before use.  I hold no responsibility for any damage caused to your property or person by the use of the contained information.  Should you have questions or comments regarding any information contained within this write-up, please feel free to contact me.